Monday, July 14, 2008

Full circle - My 24 hour run!

As it is getting closer to my 24 hour run and I can't help thinking of what happened to me over two years ago. The track at New Canaan High resembles something familiar, a bulls eye shaped circle very much like the one I had on my left hip. It is also symbolizes that we have been running in circles for a long time to find better testing and treatments. I hope that with my running I can bring awareness and support to Lyme research who in turn can provide our doctors today with better information and better methods of testing and treatments.
Running on a track for 24 hours will definitely be a challenge. Ultra marathons are run on many different surfaces such as track, road, trails or the sheer wilderness. Track ultras are especially known to be mentally taxing. This is an unknown challenge which I welcome. While the race will not resemble any of the elevation gain nor terrain come October when I will run the New England 200 mile endurance run, the track will serve as a very good place to dial in nutrition and analyze how my body will act during the run. Kevin, my crew chief, will be monitoring every step of the way to ensure that my pace, food, hydration strategy is going according to plan as well as keeping my feet happy.

I welcome you all to come out and support my cause and hey maybe run a lap or two with me. As added exposure to the cause Channel 12 will be there to catch some of the action. My start will be on Saturday at 5:00am and end the following morning. How far? Well the goal is to break 100 miles in 24 hours. Everything else is gravy as the say.....Come and join me for a few laps!