Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time for Laps - 24 hours

Well, It's been a while since I last posted something. I have kept my focus on my training but I have had a few bumps in the road here and there but that's part of life. I have topped out at 85 miles per week and the taper has been welcomed. It's finally time to put the training to the test on this Saturday (start 5:00am) for 24 hours on the track at the New Canaan High School. Part of my training has been speed walking and it is harder than you think. Sure walking slowly is fine but try to keep a 15-16 min/mile for a longer period of time requires hard work. The strategy is have a well distributed run walk combination where you incorporate your hydration and food intake. If my plan goes as I want it to, my calorie consumption would land around 11,400 calories in 24 hours. I have put together a pace chart and tools to track laps rubber bands thrown in a bucket and a lap counter (best accounting practice), run/walk splits and calorie intake. At the track I will have a big cooler, plenty of water, gels, food, clothes, lights and other good stuff which should help me get through the hours. Let's not forget to load up some music on the Ipod. I will carry my cellphone and have access to emails if you care for sending some encouraging words along my way. Forgive me if I do not reply. If you are nearby come on out and run a few laps with me to support Lyme research. I will also sell cool Time For Lyme T-shirts (see picture of me wearing it) at the track that my sister has helped to design. Come on out and support a good cause! After the run I have some exciting news to tell you. Some real prominent sportsmen have joined me and Team Time for Lyme to support Lyme research but first things first.
One more thing I will carry an extra headlight for you if you care to join me when sun sets. Best Carl

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