Thursday, October 23, 2008

5 Q&As with team member Ed Viesturs

Team Time For Lyme has been fortunate to have gotten support from the first American to have climbed all 8,000 meter peaks without supplemental oxygen. A feat literally breath taking. Ed Viesturs is America's leading high altitude mountaineer, having climbed many of the world's most challenging summits, including ascending Mount Everest six times. He completed a 16-year quest to climb all 14 of the world's highest mountains (above 8,000 meters) without the use of supplemental oxygen. In doing so, he became the first American and the 5th person in the world to accomplish this. He reached the summit of his 14th peak, Annapurna, on May 12, 2005.

Ed felt compelled to support the quest better research for Lyme Disease since in the past 30 years little has been accomplished. I was able to take some time out of Ed's tough schedule and ask him a few questions of interest:

C: Ed, first I would like to thank you for becoming a Team Time For Lyme supporter. Tell me what adventure is in store for you at the moment?
E: I have plans to climb Aconcagua in January 2009. Then I am planning to go to Nepal in the spring to climb something fun and new-perhaps an unclimbed peak with a couple of friends.

C: Having read your great book "No short cuts to the top" are you planning to write a new book and if so what will be about?
E: I have a couple of books planned - an undated version of my photo book Himalayan Quest and another book based on one of my 8000 meter climbs with some historical perspective.

C: Having climbed K2 yourself what are your thoughts about the recent K2 incident?
E: It's a tough and unforgiving mountain. One always needs to be prepared for things to go wrong and it seems like some of the climbers were simply unprepared or didn't have the skills or equipment to rescue themselves. You can't rely on others to initiate a rescue at these extreme altitudes. Many of the climbers also climbed far too late into the day and watched the sun set while they were on the summit-when that happens your margin of safety is almost non-existent.

C: I have heard that you have run some marathons and have a good set of lungs what is your marathon PR?
E: I have only run one marathon-the New York City Marathon in 2006. I ran a 3:15 and was quite pleased.

C: Why do you think raising awareness for Lyme disease is so important?
E: This will help educated people about the disease and also alleviate some of the fears about being outside and enjoying the great open spaces we all can enjoy.

C: Thank you Ed for taking some time out of your busy schedule and for supporting Team Time For Lyme. All the best to your future endeavors!

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Ed Viesturs supporting Team Time For Lyme!

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