Monday, October 20, 2008

NE England 200 mile endurance run - Final course alterations - Whoa!!!

As if 200 miles wasn't enough of a challenge the course has been altered (two weeks out) and now comprises of 43,520 feet of ascent instead of 30,000 feet as previously stated. The reason for change was due to land owner issues and for safety reasons due to the hunting season. As a counter balance to this I am pleased to announce that my goal of 154 lbs as race weight has now been surpassed and that I have been weighting in for the past days at 151.6 lbs which is an important thing when it comes to running/walking and climbing. Below are some facts regarding the race issued by the RDs (race directors):

"No man can live this life (in the desert) and emerge unchanged. He will carry, however faint, the imprint of the desert, and will have within him the yearning to return." - Sir Wilfred P. Thesinger

Some stats on the funeral run:

For the first 50 and 100 miles it is the Aimee Trail Loop :

The Aimee trail loop is 12.5 miles

The Aimee trail loop profile is 3440 elevation per 12.5 mile lap

The total elevation on this 100 miles is 27520

For the second 100 miles

The South hill loop is 10 miles

South hill loop is about 1600’ of elevation per lap.

So that adds up to 16,000’ of climb over 100 miles.

So the total elevation over 200 miles is 43,520…wow unless you train at Everest I guess.

Their will be 2 aid stations on the first 100 miles (12.5 mile loop)

Their will be 2 aid stations on the second 100 miles (10 mile loop)

Aid stations are roughly ½ way through the loops.

People can camp in the Aimee farm barn. They can change, rest, sleep, daydream or do whatever they need to do to get through their challenge.

We will have food at each of the aid stations as well as water. I personally hate HEED but if you guys like it let us know.

This will be a small event but extremely well run. It will be brutal but we will do everything in our power to get you through 50-100 or 200 miles whichever it is you are trying to accomplish. The trail is incredible, the weather has been perfect, it will be well marked fires will be going at night at both aid stations. Please remember to bring gear that you may want to leave at the primary aid station. Also not sure if everyone knows about our participant that is attempting to be the ONLY finisher of all of the PEAK races this year, and entitling him to receive coveted $10,000.00 purse.

Good Luck to all and please help convince some friends to come run/walk/or hike. If it doesn’t kill you it may make you stronger.


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